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Industrial Technologies


NVQ-J Level 5 in Logistics Management is a vocational qualification designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage logistics and supply chain operations effectively. The course is suitable for those who are currently working in the logistics industry or those who wish to progress to a managerial role in this field.

Throughout the course, learners will study a range of topics, including logistics planning, procurement, distribution, inventory management, and transport operations. They will also learn about the latest trends and best practices in logistics management and gain an understanding of how to apply these in real-world scenarios.

Industrial Technologies

NVQ-J Level 5 in Construction Project Management

This programme is tailored to the demands of senior managers in the construction and building sector. Individuals who are involved in a variety of management and supervisory building and construction work duties relating to construction projects. They provide guidance and specific instructions on how to execute the jobs. Individuals who pass this certification can go on to seek a range of other credentials in the Property Development Management Sector and the construction industry as a whole.